WorkIt: Press and Mentions

2019 |Chronicle of Philanthropy

Omidyar Network: It’s Time to Give More Power Back to Working People

We can leverage technology to unlock new ways to support organizing. We are inspired by technologies like WorkIt, a chatbot that helps advocates engage with employees and provide critical information on employment policies

2019 |RSA Future of Work Award

WorkIt receives RSA Future of Work Award

This year’s Future Work Awards are encouraging people to look past the negative headlines to see potential in the workplace of the 21st century

2018 |Full Circle Fund Award

WorkIt wins first prize in Full Circle Fund Accelerator

The Civic Tech Accelerator Fund is an accelerated and focused grant-making process that leverages the expertise, network, and financial capital of tech leaders to catalyze high-impact Civic Tech organizations in the Bay Area.

Jul. 13, 2018 | Huffington Post

Labor Organizers Look To Apps To Reach Wider Audiences

The tool that helped power OUR Walmart is now expanding to other companies and labor groups.

Nov. 14, 2016 | BuzzFeed

The Future Of Organized Labor Could Be This Artificially Intelligent Bot

"Being unable to access policy online when you are at work makes difficult to know when you are breaking policy — or understand how managers are using policies against you," said Mississippi Walmart worker Joanna Chambers. "Through the WorkIt app, we’re amplifying the strength of OUR Walmart networks."

Nov. 15, 2016 | USA Today

Walmart, labor group clash over app that connects employees

"Managers are worried that this app "is going to help associates connect with each other," Marler said. "They want to keep the power to themselves and they don’t want us empowered and to be able to access this on our own.