United For Respect Issue Tracker

Leverage the power of tracking, data visualization and crowdsourcing for your campaign with UFR’s Issue Tracker. Born out of the need to track COVID-19 cases and safety conditions at worksites, our Issue Tracker is now enabled to support a multitude of issue-based campaigns. Each with their own interactive, public-facing website, Tracker Partners are able to easily aggregate and visualize data to bolster their campaign narrative. With the Issue Tracker, organizations can optionally enable crowdsourced reports and connect website visitors to Calls to Action. Additionally, the Issue Tracker admin dashboard makes exporting data, vetting publically-submitted reports and cleaning data simple.

UFR’s Issue tracker can also be customized to pull in your specific organization’s information, capture campaign related user stories, and reflect your organization’s branding. Set up costs start at $5,000 (USD). Ongoing monthly maintenance is $500 / month (for up to 100K pageviews per month, increases $100 for every additional 100K pageviews)

For more information, email irene {at} united4respect.org to learn more

Tracker Partners